CTEK launches new portable battery charger and maintainer, with Adaptive Boost technology

CTEK launches new portable battery charger and maintainer, with Adaptive Boost technology

Introducing the CTEK CS FREE: power to go, wherever you are

CTEK Sweden AB, a leading global brand in battery management solutions, has today launched the CS FREE, an exciting new portable battery charger and maintainer with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology, that will safely give a flat vehicle battery the power it needs to get going within 15 minutes.

The CS FREE means you are free from being tied to a power outlet, it is truly portable, so you can keep your 12V leadacid and lithium* batteries charged wherever you go. For longer-term maintenance charging you can even charge using traditional mains power or even from a solar panel kit or a separate service battery. And with USB-C and USB-A outputs for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets etc it’s the ultimate 12V powerbank for your vehicle!

The CS FREE has an internal battery that takes less than an hour to fully charge through the unit’s fast USB-C input and, when fully charged, it will hold its charge for up to a year, making it ideal for keeping stored in the vehicle for when you need it.

Stefan Magnusson, Sales Director Aftermarket from CTEK said “We are really excited to be launching the CS FREE, the first in a new generation of CTEK battery chargers. Our Voice of the Customer programme identified that consumers wanted much more freedom from mains power as well as being able to quickly get going from a flat battery. The CS FREE meets these needs – it’s multifunctional portable charging that sets you free – simply charge it up, take it with you and use it anywhere.” Suitable for use on cars, motorcycles, leisure vehicles, vans, and boats, the CS FREE is easy to use, there are no modes to select – just connect and the CS FREE will do the rest. If you are charging a flat battery, a simple LED displays show you when your battery has enough power to start your vehicle and there is also a countdown display that shows you how long there is left till your battery is fully charged.


Key features:

Stefan Magnusson continued “The CS FREE is a groundbreaking new product that provides the ultimate flexibility for quickly and safely charging your vehicle battery. With many people’s driving habits changing so drastically – cars being driven less frequently and in many cases on shorter journeys – our vehicle batteries are working harder than ever before, putting us at heightened risk of a flat battery. For many of us, we don’t have the ability to connect a battery charger to mains power – perhaps because we live in an apartment block or because we store a seasonal vehicle in a storage facility or driveway. The CS FREE not only gives you the freedom to charge anywhere, it gives you peace of mind that you won’t be left stranded with a flat battery.”

For more information about the CS FREE, please click here.

*12V lithium (LiFePO4)

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CTEK SWEDEN AB is a leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions. CTEK’s unparalleled knowledge, and continuous investment in innovation, means they push the boundaries of research and development to bring new and unique battery charging technologies to the market.

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