3gamma - ?3gamma participates in research project on Data Driven Innovation conducted by the University of Borås

?3gamma participates in research project on Data Driven Innovation conducted by the University of Borås

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3gamma is proud to announce that we are collaborating with the University of Borås on a four-year research project titled: ?Data-Driven Innovation: Algorithms, Platforms and Ecosystems?

Over the last three years, 3gamma has successfully participated in a project together with the University of Borås called ?How to improve process efficiency and quality in IT Service Management ? From Best Practice to Good Enough?. Since we consider the new project to be a natural extension of this project, 3gamma has decided to take a continuous active part in the research at the University of Borås. The project fits well with 3gamma?s current business priorities, particularly with our focus area on Digital Transformation.

Together with more than 10 other companies with different characteristics and a team of researchers from the University, 3gamma´s role in the project is to contribute with real-life experiences and knowledge as well as our understanding of business drivers in today?s digital marketplace.

Sören Romare, Manager at 3gamma, comments, ?It is a great opportunity to participate in a project like this. The possibility to exchange experience with other organizations is very beneficial to us. In addition, I think that the insights from the project can really benefit 3gamma and our clients, since the challenges the project addresses are becoming increasingly important in organizations today?.

The research project seeks to answer an overarching core question ? ?How can socio-technical resources enhance data driven innovation in organizations?? The project is about the strategic utilization of data and analytics to improve and foster new processes, products, services, and markets. Socio-technical in this context refers to that both man and machine are looked at, as well as that both technology development and business development are considered. Resources could be anything from humans and technology to method, models and algorithms.

The starting point is the observation that only few organizations have succeeded to implement data driven innovation.

? Despite many obstacles, organizations are making huge investments in gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources. We would like to improve the companies? abilities to drive innovation by using untapped data sources, and find tools in the form of methods, strategies and algorithms that will enable companies to eliminate and navigate barriers and thereby develop their competitive edge, says Stefan Cronholm, project lead and professor at the University of Borås.

The sub-project 3gamma is closest involved with, ?Digital platforms for service innovation?, will further develop the platform from the ?Good Enough? project and build a more generic digital platform that enables service innovation by utilizing both automatically generated and human data sources.

?Researchers and participating companies will together define the scope and find the solutions to the key challenges. In the project, 3gamma plays an important role where their experience and expertise in technology management in general and IT service management in particular is very valuable?, saysHannes Göbel, sub-project lead and researcher at the University of Borås.

The project consists of two additional sub-projects:

?Software Algorithms for Data Analysis? addresses how machine-learning algorithms can be developed and used for advanced data analytics, to gain valuable consumer insights, primarily in retail.

?Ecosystem Strategies to Navigate Data Barriers? aims to develop strategies enhancing ecosystems capabilities to manage barriers in data-driven innovation and identifying what constitutes prosperous ecosystems.

At 3gamma we expect our experience and knowledge base will contribute to a successful result that can benefit our clients and other organizations in the digital marketplace. We also appreciate the opportunity to exchange experiences and collaborate with both the companies involved and with the University of Borås.

?As a leading technology management consulting firm it is important to collaborate with the Academic world to ensure our insights are updated and based on facts and proven research?, says Jens Ekberg, CTO at 3gamma.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to learn more about the project.

Sören Romare
Principle contact with the University of Borås
Manager at 3gamma

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