Connect2Capital - ?At the heart of Connect2Capital - Social entrepreneurship and impact investment for a sustainable startup scene

?At the heart of Connect2Capital - Social entrepreneurship and impact investment for a sustainable startup scene

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One of the core assets of Connect2Capital is its many great attending entrepreneurs. Last year had quite a few prolific companies on site, ready to exchange ideas, discuss ventures and find capital. One of those where AddTruly, with social entrepreneurs and co-founders Anna Urombi and Malin Jungerstedt at the helm.

AddTruly is a B2B/B2C-company that helps connected businesses highlight their social responsibility efforts through an innovative model that matches them with hand-picked, results driven non-profit organizations around the globe.

The result is a platform that enables successful fundraisers that not only promotes consumer engagement, but also makes it easy for the latter to spread the word about the campaigns and their contribution. This means an increase in brand awareness for the associated businesses, as well as a boost in contributions for the non-profits. A model that was praised for its ingenuity at last year?s Connect2Capital and appreciated by investors.

After a successful pitch at the event, the two co-founders of AddTruly connected with Lennart Grebelius of Sätila Impact Invest. A connection that turned out to be fruitful, as Grebelius later moved to invest in the social startup.

?We initiated contact then and there. The investment didn?t happen right away of course, but it was a first contact that eventually led to further talks. When we started an investment round last autumn, Sätila Impact Investment decided to invest.? says Anna Urombi of AddTruly.

?Getting an investment from Lennart and Sätila Impact Investment is very valuable to us. Besides the obvious increase in capital, it also affords us access to their great knowledge and passion for social impact and societal development.? Anna continues.

Lennart Grebelius, the Gothenburg native artist-gone-venture capitalist, or perhaps the other way around, has decades of experience from the venture funding scene. With successful exits such as Gina Tricot behind him, combined with impact investments and engagements such as Faktum ? the well-known magazine sold with the sole purpose to aid the homeless of Gothenburg ? Lennart is perfectly cut out to help companies like AddTruly succeed.

At Connect2Capital we look forward to welcoming both new and returning entrepreneurs and investors, and look to recreate last years many successful match-ups.

Join us on the 7th and 8th of february, and don?t forget to sign up for the one-to-one meetings! 

Tickets are still available -  REGISTER NOW! 

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