Yoga Girl Sweden AB - ?British artist After Eden releases music video with Yoga Girl!

?British artist After Eden releases music video with Yoga Girl!

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Artist After Eden?s debut release features social media mogul Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl around the globe. After Eden tells her narratives through soundscapes and poetic lyrics tied together with a contemporary yet classic production. Rachel makes her appearance in the song ?She?s a church?, embodying the modern preacher: a person who has an impact on others, and uses that influence to do good.

"I?m proud to announce that 10% of the royalties will go to our freshly formed Yoga Girl® Foundation, where we help women and children who are suffering the consequences of trauma. Not only should people listen because it?s a really great song, but also because the more listeners there are, the more impact we can make to help those in dire need. The royalty percentage is unlimited and has no expiry date, so as long as people listen and enjoy the song, it will continue to support the Foundation", says Rachel Brathen.

Rachel is already a jack-of-all-trades, as a NYT best-selling author soon launching her second book in September 2019, a serial entrepreneur, and an international yoga teacher. In 2018, Rachel launched the brand Yoga Girl® and in addition, she manages her social channels where she has a multimillion audience base. However, being featured in After Eden?s music video of ?She?s a Church? is her first step into the music industry. The release of this music video coincides with the launch of the Yoga Girl Foundation?s first project, to support women and children suffering from trauma, injustice, abuse and poverty on the island of Aruba.

After Eden is from South England, where much of her inspiration is drawn. As an award-winning songwriter, her lyrics blend poetic messages with POP-like influences. After Eden?s unique voice can be likened to Kate Bush, among others.

?I have such passion for sharing stories; to do it through music feels like taking it back to the original meaning of why music was created. I want to believe that my songs fit every person and that each can relate to my words and experiences, finding strength and comfort in them,? says After Eden.

After Eden has been grown within the countryside and woodlands of the South of England. Always inspired by her beautiful surroundings she is an award-winning creative writer and has an otherworldly way with words that translates her poetry into a unique balance of catchy pop top lines and celestial verses.

Yoga Girl® is a movement, a lifestyle and a brand with the vision to heal and change the world. Everyone is born equal, everyone has the same potential, everyone can be a Yoga Girl.

Music video here.

Yoga Girl® Foundation here.

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