Impact Hub Stockholm - Driving Social Innovation To Meet The World's Greatest Challenges

Driving Social Innovation To Meet The World's Greatest Challenges

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We live in a world of growing digitalisation and globalization. Impact Hub Stockholm and the Swedish Institute have developed a program that creates long-lasting relationships to strengthen the understanding of the complexity of the world and to lay a foundation for new innovative solutions across borders and cultures. The program will send 2 entrepreneurial individuals to Colombia to discover social innovation challenges and potential partnerships. The entrepreneurial exchange will last for 5 weeks, with 3 weeks being spent abroad in Bogota, Colombia. 

All accommodation and air travel will be included. Entrepreneurs from Stockholm will pitch their social ventures to social entrepreneurs and key stakeholders at Impact Hub Bogota. The trip will include an all-expenses paid dinner with the Swedish Ambassador. 2 entrepreneurs will come from Bogota, Colombia and spend 3 weeks in Stockholm. All exchange participants will attend the Social Innovation Summit, Malmö. They will co-organise a mini hackathon with a focus on the UN Global Goals for the conference. And then in Colombia, all exchange participants will attend Heroes Fest. 

The entrepreneurs will return and share their new knowledge of the most pressing social innovation challenges of their destination city with Impact Hub Stockholm and the Swedish Institute. As well as potential collaborations, partnerships and opportunities for addressing sustainability issues.

"We have developed this opportunity with the Swedish Institute because we both want to increase the possibilities for Swedish innovations to be adopted across borders. We hope from this program that we will see growing partnerships and interesting new solutions being developed to address society's most pressing challenges. I'm extremely proud of the entrepreneurs that have come out of Impact Hub Stockholm. And I know that this will push the boundaries even further."

- Cathy Xiao Chen, Community Manager at Impact Hub Stockholm

Applications to take part in ImpactXchange will be taken until midnight on October 6, 2017. Successful applicants will be announced on October 11.

For more information about ImpactXchange, contact Jesper Kjellerås - Founder & Managing Director of Impact Hub Stockholm at or Cathy Xiao Chen - Space & Community Manager of Impact Hub Stockholm at (0700 981 566).

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