Connect2Capital - ?Eicorn & Collector presents: Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017

?Eicorn & Collector presents: Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year 2017

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Starting a new business, especially with some type of innovation involved, means throwing yourself and your team into a world of assumptions, hopes and best guesses. There is no way this reality can be avoided; it takes bravery and risk-taking to launch a startup. But there are ways to manage all these unknowns, and to convert most, if not all of them, into probabilities, facts and knowledge. This practice, to evidence base everything you can, is what Eicorn calls Enterprise Ignition™, and it can be applied across Technology, Market and Organisational aspects of any small or large business.

Eicorn?s mission is to promote and develop evidence based entrepreneurship and innovation, beyond what is commonly known as the ?LEAN startup? methodologies which mostly deal with product development and incremental innovation. Collector Ventures? mission is to support and invest in exceptional startups, but also to uphold the sound business values that is the foundation of any bank?s stability and long-term success. Therefore, for the first time ever, we invite startups at Connect2Capital to enter a competition to win the prestigious title ?Evidence Based Startup Strategy of the Year?, 20 000 SEK in cash, a 1-to-1 pitch meeting with Collector Ventures, and a 1-year startup advisory package from Eicorn & Collector.

Any startup that is participating in the Connect2Capital conference 2017 can enter the competition. Factors that will be assessed include the startups? strategic alignment with its current readiness level, applied to Technology, Market and Organisation (TMO); as well as its priorities of unknowns and design of experiments to build a proprietary evidence base for the startup.

In contrast to most other startup competitions, this one is not about the popular vote or the subjective evaluation of a jury. Instead it will be graded based on a transparent evaluation regime and the startup with the highest mark will win.

Only startups that attend the Connect2Capital conference 2017 in Gothenburg may enter the competition. Companies that have an association with Eicorn or Collector, or directly with any of the assessors, may enter the competition for the sake of the exercise, but will not be able to win the prize.


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