Bridge Productions - Entrepreneurs want to solve the problem of plastic

Entrepreneurs want to solve the problem of plastic

Newsdesk 20/11 14:56

Is there a sustainable solution for our consumption of plastic? This is the question entrepreneurs from Malmo want to answer. Together with industry experts, designers and innovators have joined together to put pressure on politicians.

The Redesign Innovation Jam was held late November in Copenhagen - an event where creative groups from several disciplines came together to develop new concepts to solve the challenges facing the Nordic countries in terms of plastic recycling. The event was the first of its kind and the beginning of a new movement of circular economy in Europe, based in Malmö and Copenhagen.

- Today it is difficult for consumers to recycle plastic as they are not designed to be recycled. Companies need new business models and sustainable design of their products. The knowledge and the resources for this is often lacking, says Mickaël Mesbauer, the event producer.

By bringing together people from different sectors to events focusing on sustainable development, Bridge Productions wants to find new solutions in the region.

The Redesign Innovation Jam brought industry experts, designers and innovators to look at examples of plastic waste and items that cannot be recovered or are difficult to recycle in this part of the world. Various re-design teams then developed new concepts. A jury selected the three best solutions.

- When experts from various industries can develop solutions together, we can create change. The ideas that were born during the event were impressive and have great potential to change the market, says Camille Duran, the event's strategic advisor.

The winning ideas will be presented at a conference on 2 February and compiled in a report that will be sent to decision makers in Brussels.

The event was the beginning of a major investment in new sustainable solutions based around the Oresund Region. The concept is especially relevant since the EU package of circular economy will be launched shortly.

For questions, materials and images please contact Mickaël Mesbauer: +46 (0)705-21 73 83, Till pressmeddelandet



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