Fågelviksgruppen AB - Fågelviksgruppen wins Europe?s largest tender for Public Mobility Services

Fågelviksgruppen wins Europe?s largest tender for Public Mobility Services

Newsdesk 16/1 10:34

Fighting off competition from local taxi companies, Fågelviksgruppen has won the tender to deliver Mobility Services for Stockholm County Council.The win resulted inFågelviksgruppen, as a single supplier, being trusted with providing Mobility Service through the companies TaxiKurir and Taxi 020. The business is an estimated 3 million taxi trips per year at an approximate yearly value of 700 MSEK for 4 years.

Fågelviksgruppen has been trusted to, as a sole supplier, deliver all Mobility Services performed with taxi for Stockholm County Council. The tender is Europe?s largest tender for public services and totals travel for an approximate yearly value of 700 MSEK for up to 4 years, totaling up to potentially 2,8 billion SEK. The business extents to an estimated 10 000 trips per day which will be delivered by an estimated 2 500 vehicles, 1 200 from TaxiKurir and 1 300 from Taxi 020. Fågelviksgruppen has since 2011 delivered approximately 90% of all Mobility Services and this tender will result in Fågelviksgruppen being the sole supplier of taxi services. In addition, Fågelviksgruppen is already handling the full responsible for the delivery of traffic management, booking and handling of taxi services adapted to wheelchairs in Stockholm County Council. During the tender evaluation Fågelviksgruppen was the only supplier receiving the highest possible quality rating.

We are very proud and excited that TaxiKurir and Taxi 020 will collaboratively deliver all Mobility Services in Stockholm! Mobility Services is very important societal responsibility as our drivers make a difference for travelers with special needs every day. Competition was fierce, not only on price and quality. That said, our updated technology platform that has the capacity to deliver automatic dispatch service managing the distribution of vehicles between transporters and drivers is of course one of our bigger competitive advantages.Additionally, we have received positive reviews from our customers the last 4 years with 86% very satisfied travelers and a score of 94% of all our trips being on time. We are very pleased that we have received a continued, and increased, vote of confidence in supplying the service that is satisfactory for both the travelers and the drivers, says Ole Oftedal, CEO Fågelviksgruppen.

The tender comprises of both pre-booked Mobility Services and the possibility to book additional transportations which reduces the number of empty running vehicles. Thereby, the utilization rate and the average price increases during the time of day when the demand for taxi services are lower. For the travelers the new tender results in strict quality requirements and the comfort and security as the drivers are qualified and experienced.

-Mobility Services in Stockholm City Council is our largest and most important customer. Our fleet carry out an approximate 3 million travels yearly, which generates business in excess of 700 million SEK. Mobility Services are required most frequently during daytime, which make it an important source of revenue for our transporters and drivers, since the alternative would have been no business at all during this time of the day. Fågelviksgruppen has the expertise and know-how to deliver efficient taxi traffic system services whilst maintaining high quality and continued competitive pricing, Ole Oftedal, CEO Fågelviksgruppen, continues.

Fågelviksgruppen is a leading player in the Nordic taxi industry with an estimated 6 000 vehicles and 2 500 transporters connected to the group. The company carry well-known brands such as TaxiKurir, Taxi 020, Taxi Skåne, Top Cab and Norgestaxi. Through its technology company, Cabonline, Fågelviksgruppen offers market leading, cost-effective and scalable technology platforms for taxi services which increases utilization and profitability for taxi companies. Cabonline?s mobile app has more than 850 000 downloads. The group is based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Latvia. Fågelviksgruppen is owned by H.I.G Capital.

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