Baering AB - High performance flight gear for arctic and alpine aircrews

High performance flight gear for arctic and alpine aircrews

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The G2 Winter Flight Suit was developed in close collaboration with aircrews in Greenland and northern Norway. The mission was to come up with a concept that would be blizzard proof, yet flush enough to avoid stiff materials that tend to obscure vision and obstruct arm/wrist movements. The end result is a perfect combination of ultra thin insulating layers inspired by top shelf alpine wear.

Based on our unique "cockpit cut", the G2 is designed to support your movements while performing typical tasks of the trade. It features a strictly pragmatic storage and ventilation system, devised to increase safety by providing swift access to essentials while in seated and/or crouching position. Interconnected stretch panels in Shoeller™ high performance fabric adds smooth, heat retaining comfort, while key stress zones are reinforced with Cordura™. Snow-gaiters and ultra comfortable cuffs keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.


Well, it is exactly what it should be: adequate protection for anyone who has to act professionally around running rotors in sub zero snow/ice conditions (which has to be one of the most demanding job situations ever invented by man, the word 'extreme' might not even cut it).

Inspired by top shelf arctic exploration gear, the J2 Base Parka is a very thoroughly designed garment indeed. Intended to provide maximum protection while working in close proximity to helicopters in arctic/alpine conditions, it features exactly what you need to stay snug around rotors in full swing. For heat retention, it features triple insulating layers laced with breathable, moist wicking membrane fabric.

With this in mind, the J2 has everything you need to protect yourself while doing your job, but none of the annoying straps or bulky excesses of traditional arctic gear. Instead, we've added ample velcro epaulettes patches so you can fly your colors, and scaled inner/outer storage pockets to fit the tools of our trade. 

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