Luxor Finans AB - Luxor Finans to hire new employees in Jönköping and Linköping

Luxor Finans to hire new employees in Jönköping and Linköping

Newsdesk 23/5 22:28

The management behind Luxor Finans is considering this move to be a positive and natural step for Luxor Finans development on the Swedish market. It is also believed that the new recruits will strengthen the services as well as the quality Luxor Finans already stands out for. In reference to the latest press release from Luxor Finans, it is also stated that the industry is facing frequent changes and that the management sees this step as a requirement from the market itself.

Madeleine Hultgren, a former Skandia employee, is one of the new faces at Luxor Finans.

?I have to say that I?m very proud and honored for gaining Luxor Finans confidence?

?It?s a great trust and I will do my best? Hultgren added.

Luxor Finans: ?A positive development?

Maria Bröms has been in the company for several years? and has also been one of the employees who had the opportunity to see the growth within the organization. Bröms explains that she, as well as her colleagues, are proud of the achievement and the results Luxor Finans delivered throughout the past years?.

?I?ve seen a very positive development in the recent years with good initiatives as well as results.? Bröms stated.

?I believe that we can contribute to even better results in the nearest future. It?s something we are striving for and it?s also requested by the industry itself.?

Conny Olofsson, one of the chairmen behind the company, explains what Luxor Finans is facing in the nearest future. He believes that Luxor Finans will have a good future, even from a financial point of view. Olofsson also believes that the two new recruits will strengthen Luxor Finans local presence in Linköping and Jönköping.

?The management is looking forward to welcome the new employees in Linköping and Jönköping. We are convinced that the recruits will have a positive impact on the organization and the new development we are facing within the market? Olofsson added.

More information about Luxor Finans is provided on the official website of the company: You can also follow Luxor Finance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and MyNewsDesk (Links are provided below).

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