Blue AB - Organic supermarket Paradiset to transition towards becoming sustainable food and health nexus, says new majority owner Blue

Organic supermarket Paradiset to transition towards becoming sustainable food and health nexus, says new majority owner Blue

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Stockholm, June 19, 2019 ? Blue, the Stockholm-based impact led investment company that has focused on water, renewable energy and material innovations today flagged its entry into the natural and organic food and health sector. After recently taking a majority stake in Swedish health and wellbeing supermarket business Paradiset, Blue together with Paradiset founder Johannes Cullberg announced a major shift in the firm?s business strategy that will see it transition from a primarily organic grocery chain into a hub at the nexus of food and health.

?The first tangible step in the new Paradiset journey is the partnership announced last week with Midsona, a Swedish publicly-quoted healthy lifestyle and wellbeing company,? said Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue. Midsona's shares are listed on NASDQ OMX Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment.

Mr. Jacobson said the decision by Paradiset and Midsona to launch a new joint consumer brand ?Everyday by Paradiset? marks a new era that will see the brand accelerate the development of Paradiset products to be rolled out across the entire Nordic marketplace.

Paradiset has been a strong champion of offering consumers healthy and sustainable products since its start. Only last Wednesday the supermarket chain announced a boycott of all products from Brazil due to a Brazilian government decision to authorise the widespread use of new pesticides, many banned in the European Union because of risks to human health and the environment.

?Since launching its first store in 2015, Paradiset has led the revolution in natural and organic food and green lifestyle products in Sweden with its carefully-selected vegetable, fruit, meat and body-care offerings. Today?s consumers are looking for a brand which make it easy for them to make the right choice from a health and sustainability perspective. Paradiset has become a trusted brand in the healthy lifestyle arena and is perfectly placed to to scale up,? said Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Blue.

Mr. Jacobson said Blue?s investment in Paradiset reflects the strongly growing consumer demand for products at the intersection between planetary and human health. Recently named Sweden?s hottest young business talent by leading Swedish business weekly Veckans Affärer, he noted mounting public concern about GMOs and chemical pesticides has spurred double-digit growth for organic and healthy foods for several years in succession.

Paradiset founder and President Johannes Cullberg said: ?Blue shares our vision at Paradiset to provide consumers a greener choice by offering them a one-stop shopping experience where they can find food, health and body care products that are healthy, natural, ethical and sustainable.?

Mr. Jacobson said the move by Blue underlines the investment company?s expansion into additional verticals to accelerate strategic growth. Blue has successfully pursued a similar approach with its holding in Bluewater, a world leading water technology and solutions company, with investments in like-minded companies in the water arena in the USA, Spain and South Africa that will allow cross-fertilization of innovation and market presence.

?We see the Paradiset and Midsona partnership as the first step towards the creation of a similar hub in the food industry, starting in Nordics and expanding globally,? said Anders Jacobson.


For more information, please contact David Noble, Blue Communications Director, at or on +44 7785 302 694

About Paradiset

Paradiset is Sweden's most sustainable supermarket chain and is the largest Nordic retailer of natural and ecological products. The stores offer a full range of food and health and body care products, free from unnecessary and harmful additives. Discover more about Paradiset at

About Blue

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Blue is an investment company that serves as a catalyst for innovations that can solve some of the major challenges facing our planet and all living on it. Blue?s mission is to find, engage with, invest in and support entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses driven by the desire to deliver tangible, sustainable solutions that can benefit human wellbeing and planetary

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