Judson Brewer - Proposals for a new financial system for individual currency has been sent to the Swedish Riksbank and Finansinspektionen.

Proposals for a new financial system for individual currency has been sent to the Swedish Riksbank and Finansinspektionen.

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Financial system we use today have aged:

In one experiment, they created a value for monkeys and taught them how to use money, to see how monkeys manage money. Laurie Santos explains how the monkeys are doing exactly the same mistake as us humans regarding money. They start stealing and buying sex.

She also explains that we can build and design these financial systems for our natural structure.


(Simple explanation of why people steal is that the brain always choose the easiest and fastest solution to get what you want. We can say that it is natural to steal.

In order to maintain an open and honest society we use to build the wall of the mass of information on how badly embarrassing it is to steal. Every time our brain gives us the signal to do it in the easiest way, the wall will stop our actions, filters, and then search for another solution. After you've done it a few times, you get "immune system" never to steal again. But all newborns who do not get the type of wall built on information, will choose the easiest path. For that is how we are built, to take the easiest way. )

What I believe is that we can build a system where the simplest solution for our brains to solve the task should be and lead to good actions.

By changing our mindset about money, we can change our behaviors and prevent situations and feelings that create greed and selfishness within us and instead turn it to create integrity, honesty and loyalty in all of us.

What makes money works is our belief that we can change this piece of paper to anything else we might need. That is: the more pieces of paper, the more things you can do. That's exactly the mindset that creates greed and selfishness that lead to acts where nobody wins. You should not have to "survive" and certainly not to become "rich" to acquire money in any way.

We humans are so much smarter now than we were then when we created the financial system that we use today. Everything around us changes and the financial system should also do. Now that we have access to all the technology and know much more about how our brain is structured, how our behaviors are, we can build a financial system that suits our natural structure.

"Dr. King believed that there were two types of laws in this world, those created by a higher power, and those created by humans. And not until all the laws created by humans were consistent with the laws created by a higher power, we will live in a just world. ?

Like most inventions are created by understanding nature's building (ecosystem, steam, photo camera, calendar ...) in the same way, we can build and design a financial system based on our natural laws, just as our brain wants it.

One can compare it to our reward system.

Evolution has created this reward system for us to survive. Having sex, to eat, to move, to maintain body temperature. If we are doing well in these basic activities increased quite crass chance for mankind to continue. When dopamine is flowing from the brain's reward system is stimulated specific receptor molecules on other nerve cells that make us enjoy. This means that we actively strive to experience the pleasant feeling again. The brain rewards us with a dose of dopamine when we have solved a difficult task.

The neurotransmitter dopamine has a role and looking to reward us for what is necessary for our own and our species survival.

Thanks to the reward system is enjoyable to eat, drink, exercise and have sex, but it can also lead us to abuse.

To activate the dopamine in the brain, and "get rewarded", you can train the memory, exercising, meditating and reduce the fat in the diet in favor of lean protein, tips that are guaranteed to be without side effects, at least in moderation.

We all have 24 hours to spend a day and usually we can choose to do whatever we want with the time: work, study, read books, work, socialize, write articles or do nothing at all. The results we get in life-time is based on what we have put our time.

No one can take away from us our 24 hours and put it on their hours to get more than 24 hours of the day.

Similarly, we all, like all: a newborn baby, the Prime Minister or the mail man, get as much money each month, throughout life: 100,000 per month.

How much these 100,000 worth of each, and how much you can do for this money will be based on the person's individual currency.

Individual currency, in turn, will be based on the person's education, knowledge, experience, lifestyle, relationships with the outside world, employment etc.

The currency will be mobile and can go up and down depending on what you do for the life choices throughout life.

The focus should be on constantly developed and improved: instead of "make money or save money"

It will strive for continuous development, which will give momentum to our common development as people.

The creativity increases when you take away the money out of the picture explains Dan Pink. We can think outside the box, which means that we can more easily solve tasks that do not have specific directions. So instead of using money and bonuses as motivation for our employees, is the new business model based on providing freedom to employees. An example of this is Google that allows its employees to work with exactly what they want 20% of the time. It is precisely during these 20% of working as ideas about Gmail, Outlook, etc. come to.

Dan Pink explains that the business model composed of 3 elements:

Autonomy: to endeavor to control our own lives.

Competence: the desire to get better and better at something that matters.

Meaning: crave that what we do contributes to something big that makes sense for many.


Steve Jobs never did it for money, which increased his creativity.

We become more efficient and develop faster. What we will achieve in 100 years at this rate we have today, we can already achieve in 20 years instead.

Neither Einstein made his inventions for money.

"Strive not to become successful, pursue your life to be meaningful.?

"I discovered that nature is constructed in a wonderful way, and it's our job to find the mathematical structure of nature. It is a kind of faith that helped me throughout life. ?

"The large and pure personalities are the only examples that can lead us to noble thoughts and deeds. Money only appeals to selfishness and invites constant abuse. Can anyone instance imagine Moses, Jesus or Gandhi with a sack of money. ?

In order to increase safety and security in society:

Black market will disappear when you do not earn from selling any longer.

Many crimes will become meaningless when you can not make money from it. Security increases.

The only way to "earn more", or be able to spend more and have a better lifestyle, is to increase your own currency. You can do this by learning something useful: a course, working for a successful company; start training; take care of your health; learn new languages and so on.

Companies evolve in an intelligent way that is good for the environment, society and health

The companies that do more harm to society than good will disappear, while companies that do good for society will emerge.

Companies such as Marlboro and Coca-Cola will quickly lose currency and in the end not afford to run the business and eventually disappear.

The focus of all companies will also change from "increasing income" to "do some good for the community in an environmentally friendly way."

Useless products disappear from the market because distributors are forced to sell quality products to keep business currency high and thus be able to afford to run the business. Which in turn makes us more healthy when we use the right products.

The country's currency

The country's currency is the average currency for all citizens of the country - feeling to be able to affect the country's economy.

The system could be introduced on March ...

What about:

Stock market trading


Import / Export

Internet trading

Buying houses / luxury car

Sell secondarily

Entrepreneur / Start-Up: Finding funding

There is answer for all questions. Working on it…

Karl Marx theory was based on man as an individual, as a group, and in relation to nature.

Karl Marx argued that capitalism because of the division of labor which began with the modern industrial capitalism, which had the consequence that the 'free' artisan crowded into gigantic factories became alienated worker (alienated). The proletariat is alienated from the product of their labor, and thus of the work itself. Since Marx believed that work was the expression of humanity's cooperative nature when it took place in the context of a lack of community, he considered that this alienation also led to people alienated from its own humanity and thus all other people. Marx assumed that people got in touch with her true nature only when she found an outlet for their creativity (her work), but then this is not done on her own terms, she loses touch with herself. In the developed industrial turns man into a mere cog in a larger machine she has no control and that makes her feel alienated and powerless she creates or produces and throughout the world she lives in. He believed that the alienation that pervades society created the difference between labor and capital, the so-called social division of labor.

Alienation theory was later further developed: the theory not only includes the capitalist production, but also civil and cultural sphere in capitalist society. The so-called New Left in the 1960s was influenced by Karl Marx's theory of alienation but also of recent theories in this area.

French social philosopher André Gorz who studied alienation in the workplace and the German-American philosopher and psychologist Herbert Marcuse, who in his studies showed how the emerging mass media, especially television, has created a culture of "one-dimensional", stupefied people, alienated and turned away from reality.

The Situationists (Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem others) describes the alienation real organization like the unreal Society of the Spectacle, where we as passive onlookers observe capital and commodity relations senseless self-reflection. In a wider perspective, only the social revolution can break the spell and restore everyday life its authenticity.

I conclude this article with leave you with Rachel Botsman talking about a new kind of future currency, the currency is our reputation.


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