Raise Reach - Sprinkle?s Fusion Power makes tomorrow's Fintech solutions available today

Sprinkle?s Fusion Power makes tomorrow's Fintech solutions available today

Newsdesk 12/4 13:38

Sprinkle?s Fusion Power business model makes tomorrow?s solutions available today. We are rewriting the rules of how to #createcrossvalue. 

Sprinkle is made up of nine of different business units, which if they all stood alone, would generate good value to customers. However, by fusing these different businesses together within the organization, the value provided to Sprinkle customers and shareholders is exponential. Integrating AI & Blockchain technologies, as well as developing proprietary technologies, Sprinkle truly stands out as a pioneer in the FinTech industry, including our LIBER8 utility token.

Sprinkle Media? provides cutting edge marking services to our customers including Marketing Campaigns, Journalism, Social Media Campaigns, as well as traditional Print, TV and Radio Advertising. Whatever your marketing needs are, Sprinkle Media will exceed your expectations.

Sprinkle Hospitality? integrates IoT and Blockchain technologies into our Casinos, Hotels, and Restaurants bringing a unique customer experience unlike ever before possible. Gamble, book rooms, pay and order food by using crypto or fiat currencies through the Sprinkle Hospitality App.

Crypto Nation? develops sustainable, green housing solutions that include: Flats, Loans, Security, Maintenance, Insurance, Cleaning, Analytics, and Smart Home IoT technologies all on our Crypto Nation Application.

Blockhomes? provides low-emission energy production using both conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as provides renewable construction materials such as Bamboo, to developed and developing nations, including Africa. Blockhomes also provides fractionalized investment opportunities to communities for new residential housing and power projects using Security Token Offerings and fractionalized investment.

Raise Reach? connects companies who are raising capital with investors. We assist companies to raise capital through traditional means, such as Crowd Funding and IPOs. In addition Raise Reach will soon offer two additional, new to-the-world capital raise options: ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings), which will create an entire new world of investment options for both individuals and companies.

Sprinkle Banco? provides traditional loans, credit card services, crypto currency & security token exchanges. Sprinkle Banco services are offered by each individual Sprinkle business to customers as an option to fund their projects.

Stokenize? offers a new way for companies to raise capital through Security Token Offerings (STOs), enabling companies to reduce the complexity and costs of an issuing, increasing exposure to global investors and increasing liquidity, as well as custodian, wallet, and exchange services.

Bakuhatsu? is a trading system that allows investors to profit from the volatility of Bitcoin through our proprietary AI and Machine Learning hardware and software. The investments are on a contractual basis from a publicly traded company, increasing transparency and reducing risk with big profit potential.

Sprinkle Finance? assists companies and individuals operating in an increasingly complex and regulated global environment by providing legal, regulatory, and compliance consulting services to ensure your projects are successful and completed right the first time.

- Sprinkle is working around the clock with our multidisciplined experts from around the world to fuse these different businesses together. Once the fusion process is complete with these nine current businesses, Sprinkle will begin searching for new businesses to fuse into that will continue to strengthen and complement our existing portfolio of businesses, says Ian Cassiman, Acting CEO Sprinkle.

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