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The Board Room Project

Newsdesk 12/12 06:00

We are proud to unveil the permanent artworks of Bella Rune and Maria Friberg in the board room of the Stockholm School of Economics.

To celebrate this occasion, authors Therese Bohman, Ingrid Elam and Dragana Vujanovi? Östlind contributed with essays which reflect upon the board room?s new and old artworks.

The Board Room Project delves into the history of the Stockholm School of Economics through contemporary art and pays tribute to the room?s original aesthetic and symbolic qualities, while also shedding light on the past through the lenses of today.

The new artworks Somewhere else by Maria Friberg, and Konsekvensanalys by Bella Rune are now permanently installed in our board room, which is used on a day-to-day basis at the School.

We aim to present a thought-provoking and powerful context to the artistic intervention by placing the art into a context outside of a standard gallery space.

The photographic work Somewhere else by Maria Friberg is a significant milestone in the artist?s works, which is at the fore­front of rethinking gender and power structures in both society at large and in the world of business. The work poses a spiritual rumination of the very physical representation of the room and its inherent cultural norms.

The digital work Konsekvensanalys by Bella Rune is an immer­sive artwork that uses augmented reality technology. It treats the current environment as a canvas to integrate new, virtual objects that interact with the past, the present and the future. Augmented reality became a household tech­nology in the summer of 2016 when Niantic and Nintendo released the mobile game Pokemon Go, which created a global phenomenon that transcended age, gender and cul­ture. The artwork by Bella Rune similarly works with any mobile device onto which an app can be downloaded for free.

The Board Room project was made possible by SSE?s Art Initiative through generous contributions by the Josefsson Foundation, Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, and Brunswick Real Estate.

For more information, please contact:

Robert Stasinski,
Communications Manager and Editor, Art Initiative
+46 ? 707 830 959
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