Connect2Capital - The heart of the western Swedish life science industry is joining Connect2Capital 2017.

The heart of the western Swedish life science industry is joining Connect2Capital 2017.

Newsdesk 6/2 17:30

We welcome Sahlgrenska Science Park as Lead Partner.

Through its neutral position in the life science field in western Sweden, Sahlgrenska Science Park offers a unique hub for both investors and growth companies.

With a specialization in digital health, Sahlgrenska Science Park is a perfect partner to Connect2Capital. The life science hub helps companies sharpen their value proposition, getting better understanding of the regulatory landscape and testing the feasibility and technology in cross-industry projects. For those looking for internationalisation Sahlgrenska Science Park offers an international programme with a focus on the UK market; a natural first step for those looking to grow abroad.

The science park is adamant about the importance of knowing how venture capital works, and what efforts create better conditions and improved growth for companies in the life science segment. With that in mind, a partnership with Connect2Capital is given.

?Sahlgrenska Science Park is the hub for the life science industry in western Sweden. Therefore, it is natural for us to partner with Connect2Capital; bringing much needed attention to the sector as well as creating ties between the industry and investors.? says Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park.

For those looking to discuss life science: seek out Charlotta Gummeson and Sahlgrenska Science Park at Connect2Capital between the 7:th and 8:th of february.

If you haven?t registered for the event, do so straight away at

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