Sprinkle AB - The Sprinkle Group announces launch of online newspaper Sprinkle Daily

The Sprinkle Group announces launch of online newspaper Sprinkle Daily

Newsdesk 11/6 18:49

The Sprinkle Group today has announced the launch of its online newspaper, Sprinkle Daily. Sprinkle Daily presents an exciting combination of international Fintech news as well as blogging updates from influencers, Denise Lopez and Jessica Folcker, in a multilingual format.

The Stockholm-based online newspaper brands itself as the ?economic news center of the future?, delivering journalistic profiling based on solid research on sustainable investments that pave the way for the new world economy. By using the analytical approach, Sprinkle Daily examines the plethora of new production methods and companies that lead the development towards a sustainable future for humanity.

Many of these new ideas and thinking have emerged in the former so-called Third World and Sprinkle Daily will keep an eye on these, which requires a solid researcher with the ability to see new investment objects and provide a competent analysis of its potential and weaknesses.

- The release of Sprinkle Daily is more than just another financial publication. In Sprinkle Daily, we will transform economic journalism by focusing on commercial solutions for the long term survival of humanity on Earth. This means sustainable economics, blockchain technology, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and investments opportunities that are a part of the solution, not the problem. This is an exhilarating task, and we are all looking forward to providing our readers with a modern economic journalistic perspective of a sustainable economy, says Sprinkle Daily Editor-in-Chief, Peter Rinaldo.

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