Yoga Girl Sweden AB - ?Yoga Girl foundation launches their first project and a charity platform

?Yoga Girl foundation launches their first project and a charity platform

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Yoga Girl® Foundation?s new website and their first project: a Family Justice Center on Aruba launches today. It?s a place where children who suffered violence or sexual abuse can find a safe space and the help they need.

? The situation on Aruba demands urgent attention. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of children face some form of abuse. The perpetrators are often protected due to a culture of silence and lack of support for the children. This problem has perpetuated generation after generation and it will take large efforts to break a cycle that is so deeply rooted. By creating a solution on Aruba, the Yoga Girl® Foundation also sheds light on the prevalence of abuse that occurs all around the world. In Sweden, the risk of being sexually abused is three times higher if you?re a child than if you?re an adult. Official statistics report that one in five children is affected. In West India and Latin America the problem is bigger: up to 45 percent of children are subject to abuse and violence. In Aruba, we see some of the highest numbers around the globe, says Rachel Brathen Schoneveld.

A Family Justice Center is a place where police, doctors, child psychiatrists, social workers and prosecutors work together with the childrens? best interest in mind, in order to prevent even deeper trauma. The child is examined and interviewed by staff specialized in the matter and immediate measures are put in place. This is in order to give the child protection, support and justice. In Sweden, there are 35 Family Justice Centers (under the name Barnahus), and there is both a national and international deficit.

? We?re breaking new ground in the industry by putting all of our efforts into digital fundraising via social media. With our 3 million followers, the opportunities are endless and we could get the attention we need in order to create the change needed all over the globe. Using our platform to spread information and make a change is really important, now as well as in the future, says Shama Persson.

The Yoga Girl® Foundation was founded in September 2018 by Rachel Brathen Schoneveld and Shama Persson. The organization helps women and children suffering from trauma, abuse, injustice or poverty. The Yoga Girl® Foundation aids with economical, emotional or pharmaceutical support - so those in need of healing can find it. 

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